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We live in a business world where growth is worshipped. Entrepreneurs measure themselves by how many people they employ. Many founders dream about making lists whose sole criterion is revenue growth.

Growth Vs Value

Why optics matter when you sell your business?When it comes to the value of your business, optics matter. How your business is perceived in the marketplace can drastically affect how your company is valued.  Let’s look at the story of Kiran Merchant. Merchant was the Chief of Aviation Planning for the Port Authority of New

Why optics matter in a business sale

6 Ways Supplier Dependency Cuts Your ValueWhile many business owners recognize the risks associated with dependency on a high-profile customer or employee, the hazards of anchoring to a single supplier are often overlooked. Supplier dependency comes in many flavors, but the most pernicious is a dependency on a single marketing supplier for sales leads, such

6 Ways Supplier Dependency Cuts Your Value

In the competitive third-party logistics (3PL) sector, Jay B Sauceda turned Sauceda Industries into a standout business, ultimately reaching $14 million in sales before being acquired by Cart.com.

One Overlooked Metric

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