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There are many different strategies that can create growth, companies often choose business acquisitions as their primary approach towards strengthening their position in a given market. 

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Are you ready to push your business to new heights? At ROIC Business Group, we specialize in helping ambitious entrepreneurs like you unlock growth opportunities through strategic business acquisitions. Our team of seasoned business acquisition brokers and consultants is dedicated to guiding you through every step of the acquisition process, ensuring a seamless and successful outcome. 

Business acquisition company with certainty

To be successful, you have to plan each step carefully as it can have long-term impacts on both the target and acquiring company, which may or may not be favorable. 

Develop a new market in a different area

Add additional products to your current offer

Obtain a ready-made customer base 

Acquire intellectual property and equipment 

Providing the highest standards of professional business acquisition brokers service to all parties involved

Experienced Business Acquisition Brokers

Our experienced business acquisition brokers are supported by professional standards and continuous industry training

A Proven Process

Our proven approach to successfully buying a business is based on understanding the client's needs and target modeling 

Targeted Marketing

Our business acquisition company’s marketing tools and research have been fine-tuned through decades of effectively acquiring businesses 

Complete Confidentiality

We’re uncompromising in protecting your confidential information whilst providing the facts that a buyer needs

Local Knowledge

We invest in local SEM so buyers in your region can quickly find your business and deal with a local business broker

Market Analysis

Our business broker can analyze the trends and conduct detailed research to determine appropriate target businesses

Value Builders take proactive steps to Prioritize the value of their company over personal popularity.

Find out the crucial question every business owner needs to ask themselves.

As a business owner, you have a fundamental choice to make: Do you want to build wealth or fame? More commonly, small business owners become famous for being a leader in their industry or local community. It provides opportunities to become famous, but there is another type of owner who would prefer to build wealth. We call this owner a “Value Builder,” and their main goal is to build a valuable company, even if it comes at the expense of their personal popularity. These Value Builders build solid companies that make a profit by addressing a need in the market. While most are not public figures, these Value Builders are building durable companies and substantial personal wealth in the process. There is no magic formula for creating a valuable company, but these Value Builders have left some breadcrumbs for the rest of us to follow.

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Our business acquisition company offers a tailored approach and the skills to find the right business

When strategic growth is your goal, acquiring a business makes logical sense. For instance, the Harvard Business Review notes that successful companies not only rely on acquisitions for growth but also find that this route often comes with less cost and risk than other growth methods. Putting in the groundwork and spending time to find a business that is a good fit with your own can bring additional rewards.

step 1

Define Your Strategy

What is the motivation behind your acquisition? It could be one of several reasons, such as efficiency, leverage or scale, but the likelihood is that if there are too many on the list, you're thinking about the acquisition has become muddled.

step 2

Establish the Criteria

How much are you willing and able to spend to acquire a business? Which markets should it be operating in, what kind of client base should it possess, and what kind of synergies are you looking for? There’s room for some flexibility but be specific.

step 3

Identify Target Companies

The one most suitable to you will depend on the size and geography of your business. However, it’s generally useful to include quite a few, allowing you to cast a wider net to find the right business that presents the most synergies.

step 4

High Level Assessment

This is your chance to look over the business at a high level to narrow down the field and create a short list of closely aligned businesses before making contact with the owners to acquire more detailed information on which to complete the analysis.

step 5

Outreach & Meetings

Introduction meetings give you a chance to meet the owner of the target business and their willingness to discuss a potential takeover, build a report and use these meetings to feel out the company’s culture, their employees and internal operations etc.

step 6

Build a Business Case

The selected businesses should be willing to provide enough information to perform a more detailed analysis to build a business case around the remaining targets and decide which one you will make an offer on subject to a period of due diligence.

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