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    What data from 55K companies says about the value of your company
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    How you can get twice the offers when you go to market
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    How you can double the value of your company
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    How to view your company through the eyes of a potential buyer
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    Why it's not only about your net profit or EBITDA
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    How to accelerate the process of building value in your company

About your Facilitator

Ashley Brimacombe has gained expertise in helping owners just like you, having owned and managed his own business for some 20 years.

He has also managed numerous companies throughout his career and oversaw the development, of marketing, management and sales strategies, in large companies and small businesses, from regional towns to major cities.

For example, when he became the manager of the Adelaide store it was trading at a loss, by the time he was promoted to operations manager running all NSW stores, 2 years later, the Adelaide store was re-rated as an A-grade store having won the past 3 quarterly growth awards and was now one of the most profitable stores in the group.

As a certified value builder, Ashley is an expert at building value and developing a plan for success using a systematic approach to measure and improve the value of your business.

Register now and we'll send you a free download that explains the process of building value, step-by-step.

Ashley Brimacombe MBA